We offer a range of pre and post-employment services to support your in-house teams and expedite talent strategies to consistently deliver critical success.


Skills Testing

Our suite of skills tests is used by start-ups, medium companies and large corporate businesses. It is proven to be a highly effective tool to measure performance of employees, visible comparisons and importantly, when used throughout the hiring process, it preserves vital internal resources.

These suites range from computer and spelling testing, right through to numerical assessments and EQ. We can also design tailored packages to suit your industry, sector and business needs.

Tailored Packages

We can meet with you to discuss your requirements and create a package based on your needs.

Set Packages

For your convenience, we have a range of set packages to choose from. Examples include:

Accounts & Payroll Suite

Customer Service Consultant Suite

Call Centre Consultant Suite

Business Support - Advanced Level

Our set packages, which consist of a suite of four skills-based tests, are
$65.00 excluding GST
We can also provide individual tests for
$25.00 excluding GST

Reference Checking Service

We offer a reference checking service that is compliant with all privacy legislation, with a fast turnaround time to compliment your organisations processes.

Using the Careerlink Reference Checking Service allows your internal recruitment team to continue their hiring activities in parallel, expediting the recruitment process and internal efficiencies.

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Outplacement Services

We offer a comprehensive outplacement service for individuals or groups, to empower employees to move on to the next stage of their professional lives faster by providing guidance and tools that direct their next steps.  

For tailored support and price plans to suit your needs, contact us for a customised solution