Our Team

Mary O’Neill

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Mary is a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Careerlink People Solutions.

Mary brings a wealth of recruitment experience gained across London, Melbourne, and Adelaide, with a strong focus on service delivery.  She is passionate about helping people thrive in their work lives, and is committed to fostering personal and professional growth.

Outside of work, you can find her praising her ever growing plant collection, dancing while she cooks and laughing with her friends.

What is the most underrated fruit? Pomegranates are so versatile. I love to add them to couscous with feta and coriander, as little jewels of freshness.

What is your superpower? Making meaningful connections. Whether it be hearing stories from strangers on shared tables when traveling, or creating an environment where individuals feel valued and understood.

If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life what would it be? Taka Tala! It’s a North African sauce that is a balance of spiced sweetness. Delicious with everything.