Our Team

Marie Russo

Business Support Coordinator

Marie is a Business Support Coordinator at Careerlink People Solutions.

Marie is a well-rounded professional with a client-centric approach underpinning her widespread career. A background in luxury services, client liaise, and people management has equipped Marie with fast-thinking creative solutions and business strategies to elevate and innovate businesses.

Her work has taken her across Australia, where she has developed and nurtured a diverse professional network.

A skilled communicator, Marie is quick to form meaningful connections. She is passionate about providing exceptional service and going ‘above and beyond.’

What is the most under-rated fruit? Watermelon – Magic with lime, mint and feta. You won’t regret it

What is your superpower? She is like a chameleon – handles change well and able to think quickly on her feet

If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bone broth – A life saver for a busy mama. Adding it to many of my toddlers dishes so I know they are eating nutrient dense meals even when its mac and cheese