Partnering change-makers

Kibo is a dedicated internal division of Careerlink People Solutions supporting businesses as they scale 


Our business and service offering embraces the new era in innovation, productivity, and growth in technology and digital.

‘Kibo’ supports start-ups and SME businesses as they scale, with a focus on partnering fresh talent to drive cutting-edge strategies for this dynamic and rapidly advancing sector.

We recognise that companies starting up or growing don’t have internal talent teams – yet this is the most crucial stage to attract the best talent to launch into the next phase of success.

It’s in this sweet spot of growth that Careerlink’s division, Kibo, becomes your Talent Partner, ensuring we understand your needs, culture and can tell your story with the integrity it deserves, to smoothly and efficiently provide you with the exceptional talent critical to evolve.

We are able to attract the talent that is needed for all aspects of the business, including C-Levels, Department heads, Marketing, Software Engineers, all things software, design and digital, customer service, office and administration, accounts etc.

Our Kibo specialist team are experts in this market, using their deep knowledge of the talent landscape to tailor their approach to suit our high energy and elite clients.  We provide bespoke talent strategies and recruitment solutions aimed at upholding team culture and maintaining quality throughout high growth periods.

Client Testimonial – Amplified Intelligence 

“Our business is scaling at pace and one of the most important things we have to do is find the right people at the right time. Our business is highly specialised technology, so our brief is difficult. On top of that, I cannot over-emphasise the importance of culture.

The Careerlink People Solutions team have been indispensable in finding specialist talent to help build our business family. They go above and beyond and head hunt the best. Careerlink have done the most incredible job at representing our business and making other excited to join us.

Half of our team have now been placed by Careerlink, and our team is amazing. Careerlink are a part of our team now, and an asset to our business.”

Karen Nelson-Field PhD

CEO, Amplified Intelligence

Client Testimonial – 11point2

“We pride ourselves in having a world-class team, steeped in an entrepreneurial mindset and passionate about tackling purposeful cutting-edge innovation challenges. Our success hinges on securing the right talent that not only possesses a multi-domain skill set but thrives in our unique environment.

In this crucial endeavour, Careerlink People Solutions has proved to be an exceptional recruitment partner. Their dedication to comprehending the essence of our business and creatively framing novel roles is instrumental in attracting the perfect candidates who seamlessly integrate into our team dynamics.

Careerlink’s thorough and meticulous approach ensures they inspire and secure the right fit to meet our stringent standards.

I have confidently recommended Careerlink to my business colleagues, and the consistently positive feedback I receive about their performance is a testament to their excellence in the recruitment industry.”

Mark Ogden

Managing Director, 11point2

Join our Innovator-ship!
  • We are running a launch-pad program offering ‘Innovator-ships’ to experienced, specialist talent, as they arrive into South Australia, with paid 3 or 6 month contracts.

  • This enables experienced Talent to arrive with the security of working with vetted, cutting edge and dynamic South Australian owned companies, bringing immediate value to both parties and the option for short term or long term collaboration.

  • To be involved as a company, or for experienced talent looking to relocate to South Australia and seeking an immersion in the world of innovation, please email to find out more.