Executive Search

We are experts in Executive Search and bring decades of global experience and industry knowledge to what we do.

Executive search is the most effective and time-efficient way to ensure that all relevant individuals in the market are considered and approached. 

For comprehensive access to the best and most suitable talent in the market, it is necessary to approach all qualified candidates. This includes those passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new position. 

At Careerlink People Solutions, we guarantee a dedicated service tailored specifically to your company’s needs. This is achieved by honing a specialist, dedicated team to fulfil search requirements while ensuring that agreed time frames are met without compromising quality. 

Our extensive search service incorporates a variety of techniques. We develop bespoke recruitment plans. Ours is a multi-faceted and integrated approach that involves confidential networking, research and access to our global database. 

A typical search plan includes the following stages: 

  • • Identification and approach 
  • • Direct position marketing 
  • • Assessment and evaluation 
  • Shortlist and presentation 
  • • Offer presentation and acceptance 

Our highly skilled team have a broad range of experience and backgrounds. Professional and personable, we work hard to ensure our client experience is smooth and enjoyable – delivering high-quality service and exceptional results.